Our Case Studies

Our Case Studies

Case Study 1


This case study was conducted over an entire growing season in the northern region of the Netherlands, where the majority of Seed Potatoes are grown. The potatoes are grown for supply across international markets, sold to companies all over the world. Quality is essential to maintain the market share and leadership position. Disease tolerance in the highest class of Seed Potatoes is zero.

Case Study 2


Late blight, caused by Phytophthora infestans, is the most important disease in potato production. Under favourable conditions the pathogen can destroy the potato foliage very rapidly and cause tuber blight. To avoid infection of the foliage, fungicides are frequently sprayed onto the crop. In the Netherlands, in some years up to 15 sprays are necessary to prevent the crop from infection by the pathogen. A field experiment was conducted at the Wageningen University, Lelystad facility to evaluate the performance of the MagGrow system vs conventional spraying methods in the efficacy of fungicide spray programs in their control of potato late blight. This paper is a condensed version of the report that was completed by Wageningen University.