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Annette Ni Dhathlaoi joins MagGrow as Head of Brand & Marketing


MagGrow is delighted to announce the appointment of Annette Ni Dhathlaoi to the role of Head of Brand and Marketing. In this role, Annette will have the responsibility of providing guidance, expertise and direction to the Marketing team, Execs, Board and wider commercial teams.

A graduate of International Marketing & Languages from DCU, Annette has provided strategic Marketing consultancy to a variety of client companies over the past 5 years, including: Brooks DIY, The Brinks Company, Permanent TSB, Virgin Media, Standard Life and Metamo.

She has extensive experience building and leading effective Marketing teams

in Liberty Insurance, Electric Ireland, Heineken, An Post, Unilever and Glanbia. With a relentless focus on return on investment, she believes passionately in the role of brand, creative excellence, and innovation – rooted in genuine customer insight – in delivering sustainable growth.

In partnership with many talented agency partners over the years she has successfully designed, launched, and managed new brands, services, products, propositions and campaigns across various industries, and won national and international awards for effectiveness and innovation in brand development, sponsorship, advertising, research, design, PR, digital and media. Annette is also a qualified PRINCE II practitioner, and Trainer, and completed a Postgrad in Creativity, Innovation & Leadership in The Innovation Academy, UCD in 2019.

Gary Wickham, Chief Executive Officer, at MagGrow says; ‘We are delighted to welcome Annette to the team. Annette is an exceptional marketing leader who brings a combination of vision and creativity to the role. As MagGrow’s Head of Brand & Marketing, Annette will be responsible for the development of an overall marketing & brand strategy that supports MagGrow’s business growth and commercial plans.’’

Radical Bubble Technology for Agricultural and Environmental Sustainability

Exciting possibilities for more profitable, sustainable and productive farming are being offered by the emerging technology ‘ultra-fine bubbles’ (UFBs). The technology is being explored in a £250,000 Innovate UK-funded project, led by MagGrow UK in association with Agri-EPI Centre and the Centre for Crop Health and Protection (CHAP).

UFBs, also known as nanobubbles, are tiny, very stable and long-lasting bubbles, 100 times smaller than the width of a human hair, or about the size of a virus. Unseen by the naked eye, even when present in large numbers in water-based liquids, they do not rise to the surface and burst, but remain stable and buoyant for long periods of time, typically days and weeks.

The bubbles can carry gases, and substances of different kinds on their surfaces. Their stability and longevity offer great potential in agriculture for environmentally friendly spraying and irrigation, along with other applications that help address food security and environmental problems.

The use of UFBs containing ozone is already established in medical and industrial disinfection processes to kill bacteria and destroy viruses. UFBs are also used in oil, gas, and mineral extraction processes; pharmaceutical processes; food-flavouring; the production of cosmetic fragrancies; and in wastewater treatment.

While the technology is already generating huge market value in these sectors, its use in agriculture is still in its infancy. The purpose of the new project is to explore the potential for agricultural applications and integration with other technologies to provide innovative, environmentally friendly solutions for sustainable food security.

The project will initially focus on irrigation for delivery of the UFBs. Using Agri-EPI and CHAP’s shared soil and crop technology facilities alongside soil science expertise at Cranfield University, the project will compare the growth of plants treated with oxygen-containing UFB-water, with that of plants given untreated water. The aim of the study is to determine the effect on root development, nutrient absorption, growth and overall crop yield.

The project team believes UFBs potentially have a host of additional applications in farming, including supporting a reduction the quantity of chemical inputs required when spraying and irrigating crops to control pests and diseases.

Dr Anthony Furness, MagGrow’s Chief Scientific Officer, said: “From time-to-time a technology comes along that offers potential for revolutionary change and disruptive economic benefit, such as CDs and smart-phones. We believe that UFB technology has similar transformative potential for agriculture. The versatility of UFB technology, and recent advances in UFB research which have further validated its significance, suggesting too that there is huge potential for their use in advancing spraying and irrigation processes.

“Not only will this help serve to address global food security challenges and the question of how farming can be more sustainable, productive and profitable, it also offers huge potential for new enterprises and job creation across the UK.”

CHAP Innovation Hub Lead, Richard Glass, said: “Using the unique Phenotyping and Soil Health facility, CHAP, supported by key soil experts from its partner Cranfield University, will assess and explore the application of this innovative technology and its potential role in transforming UK crop production.”

Agri-EPI’s Chief Technical Officer, Dr Shamal Mohammed, said: “We’re excited to be contributing our expertise and capabilities in plant phenotyping – the ability to measure the structure and function of plants – to this project. UFBs offer great potential within agriculture and our research will allow us to greatly progress knowledge and understanding of useful UFBs treatments.”

For further information, please contact Jane Smernicki, Agri-EPI Centre Communications Manager on 07985 691 765 or

Kennedy Spraying Services First to Adopt MagGrow Spray Technology in South Australia

Andrew Kennedy of Kennedy Spraying Services, Mt Gambier adopts pioneering spray technology, MagGrow through SST GPS. With conventional crop spraying, approximately 70% of crop protection products do not reach the intended target, resulting in drift, runoff, wasted input materials and cost. The MagGrow system delivers a more consistent spray profile, resulting in higher levels of pesticide coverage within the plant canopy. This allows growers to achieve higher coverage while using their current application rate, or the same coverage using a lower application rate.

The patented, proprietary technology passes pesticides through magnetic fields under appropriate flow conditions and changes the physical properties of the fluid. This delivers both superior spray drift control and crop coverage. Increased spray coverage performance can range from 20% to well over a 100% compared to conventional spraying. The MagGrow system consists of two main components with no moving parts, no electrical parts, virtually no maintenance and is compatible with any sprayer brand and boom width.

Andrew Kennedy commented “I can immediately see the benefits MagGrow has delivered to the spray application. The system has greatly reduced drift, increased coverage and increased the productivity of my spraying practices. This enables better crop protection for our growers, delivering greater disease and pest control leading to better crop health. MagGrow will also provide greater compliance towards increasingly stricter environmental legislation.”

Jack Kavanagh, MagGrow Business Development Manager Australasia commented “This has been an exciting journey for MagGrow in Australia. The MagGrow system provides a real win-win for growers, allowing them to grow more while using less. MagGrow delivers greater profitability through reduced water rates, reduced inputs and greater efficiencies during spraying. MagGrow typically provides growers with a return on investment of less than one year. This in turn supports better agriculture and protects the environment. “

The unit is supplied through SST GPS Jerilderie, MagGrow Distributor for Central & Southern NSW, SA & VIC. Brad Parker, Business Development Manager with SST GPS commented. “We are delighted to partner with MagGrow on this leading cutting-edge technology. Through innovative solutions we offer our growers greater productivity, profitability and sustainability. MagGrow’s technology delivers on these three core benefits enabling farmers to drive cost efficiencies across their operations. We look forward to delivering this technology to our other customers and driving greater sustainability across Australian agriculture.”

Vidéos de MagGrow en français

Nous sommes heureux de partager avec vous une série de vidéos avec des témoignages de clients et de partenaires de distribution sur les bénéfices de MagGrow.

Elles sont disponibles sur notre chaîne youtube dans une playlist spéciale . Abonnez-vous et activez les notifications pour recevoir les dernières vidéos publiées.

Sur notre site Internet, vous trouverez également nos brochures traduites en français.

We’ve reached 1,000 followers on LinkedIn!

We are delighted to share with you this exciting milestone of having 1,000 followers on LinkedIn.

A big thanks to all our followers for helping us reach such a great milestone and also for contributing by sharing, liking and commenting on posts. We love engaging with you all!

Our LinkedIn page is an important tool which enables us to actively engage with our followers alongside our other digital channels – Facebook , Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. We look forward to welcoming new followers and continue to grow our LinkedIn base.

MagGrow has successfully passed the NSAI Surveillance Audit for 2021

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully passed the NSAI Surveillance Audit for 2021.

This is a real indicator of our ongoing commitment to quality of our products and services for our existing and future customers.

Thank you to all the team members involved in keeping our processes and systems to the highest standards.

Mark Myers joins MagGrow as regional Technical Sales Executive

Please join me in welcoming Mark Myers to the MagGrow team as a Regional Technical Sales Executive. Mark will be joining us on January 11, 2021 working with the Southeast US commercial development team. Mark will be responsible for sales development working directly with our dealer partners building relationships and managing sales opportunities in the Southeasts extensive produce sector.

Mark has an Agricultural Bachelor of Science degree from Florida Southern College along with multiple years of experience specifically in the produce industry. Prior to joining the MagGrow team he was a sales representative for TriYield LLC, Mark also operated his own consulting company, Myers Ag Consulting, providing agronomic solutions to produce producers.

Todd Conner the Eastern US Sales Director at MagGrow says “The vast knowledge and relationships Mark has cultivated in the produce industry, along with key partnerships MagGrow has recently established make it an exciting time for Mark to join the team. I have every confidence that Mark will be a valued and instrumental part of the team, launching MagGrow technology into the agricultural industry”.

MagGrow and Airtec Partner for Best in Class Spraying Solution

MagGrow is delighted to announce that it has partnered with Airtec Sprayers Inc., a Florida based sprayer manufacturer with customers across North and South America, to provide a uniquely powerful combined spraying system for the specialty crop sector.

Tim Schaal, CEO of Airtec says “We are really happy to have finalized our partnership with MagGrow. The combined technologies will enable us to offer our existing and new customer’s a “Best in Class” sprayer. The two systems complement each other to improve spray coverage with the Airtec Air Spraying system providing superior spray particle canopy penetration and the MagGrow system helping with spray particle adherence. In addition to Airtec offering MagGrow to their customers, the partnership will allow MagGrow’s US based sales team to sell Airtec’s full sprayer product line along with the MagGrow system to build upon Airtec’s existing customer base. We are also looking forward to working with MagGrow’s network in Europe, Australia, and other international markets to introduce the Airtec spraying system to a range of new growers.”

David Moore, co-founder and Strategic Business Development Director says “I’m delighted about our partnership with Airtec. The benefits that our two innovative solutions can offer growers is a step change in spraying application in terms of both drift control and enhanced coverage. It is in line with our strategy to develop partnerships with other innovative companies in the crop spraying sector to significantly reduce the 60-70% waste associated with conventional spraying practices. One area that I am particularly excited about is in the bio-pesticide space, as the improved coverage that is delivered by the MagGrow incorporated Airtec sprayer will help growers to grow more food in a profitable and sustainable way and protect the environment.