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Michael Laslie joins MagGrow as Regional Technical Sales Executive

Please join us in welcoming Michael Laslie to the MagGrow team as a Regional Technical Sales Executive.

Michael will be joining us on December 8, 2020 working with the Southeast US commercial development team. He will be responsible for sales development working directly with our dealer partners building relationships and managing sales opportunities in the row crop sector.

Michael has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Valdosta State University along with several years of experience in the agricultural industry. In his roles prior to joining the MagGrow team he was sales representative for Ag-Pro John Deere as well as LMC AG specializing in spray application equipment.

Todd J. Conner the Eastern US Sales Director at MagGrow says “Key partnerships have recently been established in the Southeast US making it an exciting time for Michael to join the team. I have every confidence that Michael will be a valued and instrumental part of the team launching MagGrow technology into the agricultural industry”

Todd Conner joins MagGrow as East Coast Sales Director


MagGrow is delighted to announce the appointment of  Todd Conner to the role of East Coast Sales Director. In this new role, Todd will have responsibility for the commercial development of the business in South/South East USA. He will work with MagGrow’s existing network of partners and build additional relationships with new partners and growers in the region.

Todd has a BS in Agribusiness Sales and Marketing from University of Illinois and over 20 years in senior sales roles with various organisations in the USA like Farmers Edge, Environmental Tillage Systems and Caterpillar. Todd has been responsible for the successful launch of a number of product offerings in different parts of the US and brings a valuable level of expertise and network to the MagGrow business.

Mel Hurley, CFO at MagGrow says “We are delighted to welcome Todd to the team. The South/South East US is a key market for us where we have established a number of key relationships and Todd will have an important role in helping to drive commercial growth of the business in this region over the coming seasons.”

Jeremy Briscoe joins MagGrow as West Coast Sales Director


MagGrow is delighted to announce that Jeremy Briscoe has joined the team in the role of West Coast Sales Director. In this new role, Jeremy will be responsible for managing the sales growth of the business in California and the Pacific North West USA. He will work with existing channel partners and develop new relationships with partners and growers to ensure the best possible reach of MagGrow into these key markets over the next couple of years.

With a Bachelor of Science in Crop Science from Cal Poly and over 22 years in senior sales roles throughout the USA, Jeremy brings to the company valued expertise in selling to the Agriculture sector. Jeremy also served in leadership capacities in the industry, most notably within the CAPCA organization (California Pest Control Advisors). Jeremy served on the board of directors for many years, ultimately ascending to chairman.

Mel Hurley, CFO at MagGrow says “Our company has many existing customers in the Western USA consistently benefitting from the MagGrow’s technology and Jeremy joins us at an exciting time of growth in the business. We are confident that he will put his valuable experience to good use in the market and help the company expand its existing footprint in one of the largest agricultural regions in the world.”

MagGrow growth story should inspire future ag-tech start-ups

Irish Farmers Journal on 04 October 2020 – Lorcan Allen looks back on the success of Irish ag-tech company MagGrow, which first tasted success at the 2016 Innovation Arena.



Although Ireland is a small market, the agtech sector here is thriving and we’re seen as a real global leader in this area. This is perhaps no surprise given the importance of agriculture to the Irish economy, which acts as the perfect testing ground for new ideas and ag-tech inventions.

Thankfully, we continue to see a healthy pipeline of agtech innovations continuously emerging in Ireland year after year – be it from private startups to spin out companies from research institutes.

Nurturing this pipeline of innovation is key to ensuring good ideas get the technical and financial support they need to get off the ground.

One of the main reasons that Enterprise Ireland and the National Ploughing Association host the Innovation Arena every year at the Ploughing is to try to identify emerging companies in agtech so they can be given as much support as possible on their growth journey.


For early-stage startups, the advice, guidance and feedback they receive from the judging team at the Innovation Arena can be hugely valuable at a very delicate stage of the development of a business.
While not all companies are guaranteed success, many of the entrants to the Innovation Arena over the last decade have gone on to achieve some major global successes.

A good case in point is MagGrow, the Dublin-based company that specialises in precision agriculture.

Led by chief executive Gary Wickham, MagGrow is a startup company that was spun out of NovaUCD. The company burst on to the scene after it developed a clever piece of technology that uses magnets on the booms of sprayers to reduce spray drift by up to 70% and reduce water usage by up to 50%.

At a time when farmers are under enormous pressure to reduce the environmental footprint of food production and with the EU targeting a sharp reduction in pesticide use over the coming decade, new precision spraying technologies like what MagGrow has developed will be key in helping farmers meet future sustainability targets.

MagGrow first began to make headlines in Ireland after it entered the 2016 Innovation Arena, where the company was awarded a gold medal in the sustainability category for a startup company. The Innovation Arena judges were impressed by MagGrow’s unique magnet technology to dramatically reduce chemical usage on farms.

The Innovation Arena win came on the back of other successes that year for MagGrow when its was named the winner of the Thrive Accelerator Sustainability Award for 2016 at the highly prestigious Forbes agtech summit held in Salinas, California.

While these awards don’t directly add to the bottom line, they are crucial milestones for a startup company in its growth journey and recognition that the business is on the right track. If we look at where MagGrow is today it has gone from strength to strength by raising significant sums of venture capital finance and building sales in a number of international markets.

Venture capital

Today, MagGrow has raised more than €18m in venture capital finance to help develop its precision crop technology. The company now has a team of more than 30 people with operations in the US, Canada, South Africa, Australasia and Europe.

The most recent cash investment for MagGrow came earlier this year when it completed a €6m series A funding round that will help finance the development of its manufacturing capabilities as well as accelerate R&D work on new products.

The €6m investment in MagGrow was led by Astanor Ventures, a Brussels-based investment firm, along with contributions from other international investors, including WakeUp Capital.

On top of this, MagGrow CEO Gary Wickham was recently selected as a finalist in the 2020 EY Entrepreneur of the Year competition.

MagGrow has clearly come a long way since it first made waves at the Innovation Arena back in 2016 and looks set to develop into an established player in the Irish agribusiness sector over the coming years.

For startup agtech companies thinking of entering next year’s Innovation Arena, MagGrow’s story shows how far a business can come in just a few short years following a successful pitch at the Ploughing.

MagGrow Appoints Dr Anthony Furness as Chief Scientific Officer

MagGrow is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Anthony Furness, as Chief Scientific Officer, MagGrow UK, following three years’ service to the company as MagGrow Research Consultant. A Chartered Engineer and Doctoral-qualified practitioner in research, he engaged with MagGrow on a consultancy basis to help establish the company’s research framework and associated strategy, and assist in researching and formulating the mechanistic foundations for MagGrow’s magnetic-assisted sprayer technology.

Having pursued an earlier career in academe, principally within the Department of Physics, Keele University, he moved from a primarily medical engineering focus to a more general, industry-oriented, technological focus and in 1998 took early retirement to concentrate on technical consultancy. During this period, Anthony developed an eclectic mix of consultancy activities, gained through experience obtained in a wide range of industrial projects, embracing research, development, engineering design, corporate development and project management, Deming Total Quality and quality assurance of measurement, automatic identification, industrial-facing European framework projects and continued links with academe through Visiting professorships.

The combination of European involvement and academic links led to a project on Precision Livestock Farming (Bright Animal), which in turn led to an invitation to become a Visiting Professor at Harper Adams University, a position he has now held for over six years. This engagement has cultivated a strong interest in electromagnetic interactions in biological systems, engineering applied to precision agriculture and the link with MagGrow on foundational studies. The consultancy base has also helped develop a strong focus on strategic thought-leadership with abilities to generate, analyze and evaluate concepts, research models and polices.

Anthony was instrumental is establishing MagGrow’s partnership with Professor Mike Coey and his team within the AMBER facility at Trinity College, Dublin.

Having established a keen interest in, and a keen commitment to, MagGrow and its objectives, Anthony has contributed to the scientific and technological foundational development of the company which will now be extended in assisting the CEO and the Executive team of Agricultural Magnetics Ltd (MagGrow) in developing the company’s corporate strategy with regard to research, corporate vision, product and business development, and exercise leadership in progressing the scientific and technological standing of the company.

Anthony and his team based in Dublin and in the UK at MagGrow’s new Agricultural Research Centre will continue to develop intellectual property (IP) and associated technology. In that regard, they will work closely with the Crop Science team.