Frequently Asked Questions

How does the technology work?

MagGrow technology uses permanent rare earth magnets to expose pesticide fluid to static non uniform magnetic fields under appropriate flow conditions. This has the impact of affecting physical properties of the fluid that determine MagGrow’s characteristic spray droplet formation, droplet dynamics and droplet adhesion. Critically, MagGrow technology allows growers to use much smaller droplets without the drift and waste normally associated when using these smaller nozzles.

Does MagGrow work on any crop type?


Where is MagGrow currently used?

North America, Europe and South Africa and we are looking to expand into other geographies as it is a globally specific solution.

Does the weight of the system effect the boom?

No, on average we add less than 2% to the boom.

What is the typical ROI?

Depending on crop and application type, ROI would be usually between three and twelve months.

Does the MagGrow system cause any additional residue in my sprayer?

No, provided normal flushing procedures are followed as with any other spray applicator.

Is regular maintenance required with the system?

No, providing all recommended flushing procedures are complied with.

How is the MagGrow system different to the electrostatic sprayers?